Engineering Services

Design & Engineering

Clients come to us with a dream. We take that dream and make it a reality. They bring these dreams to us on napkins, as artist renderings, and sometimes as detailed drawings. This is when we like to be involved – early on. Working closely with the client, we then determine three things: Feasibility of the original drawing or concept. Timeline for completion of the project. Cost and budget for the project.

Once the project gets green-lighted, we work on the design. Our engineers create 3D virtual and scalable models of the project and determine the best and most efficient way to build it. Installation is another challenge to tackle in the fabrication of a project, so the engineers take installation into account as an integral part of the design process. We know that the sky is not the limit when it comes to your budget, so through a collaborative process we call “Value Engineering,” we can make your idea become a reality and still fit within your budget. Through creative thinking and working closely with the project designers, we develop solutions to any potential roadblocks including budgetary limits, time constraints, installation or construction problems, and city ordinances. We’re able to do all of this while retaining the look and feel of the initial design.

Once the design is complete, the engineers create the final, computer-aided design (CAD) drawing. This drawing is used by everyone involved in bringing the project together seamlessly. These technical designs contain the minute details that the factory must adhere to when creating the finished product.

Once the CAD drawings are complete, the project is ready to begin its final journey from paper to physical reality.