Architectural Resin Material

How it`s made

Transforming resin into full-formed architectural resin is what GAINKER does every day to meet the world's demand for resin sheet. It's accomplished, most often, by a process known as extrusion. 

GAINKER extrudes resin sheets every day to meet the world’s demand. Extrusion is a continuous production method of manufacturing resin sheet. In the extrusion process, architectural resin pellets are fed into the barrel of an extruder, which heats them until they are a molten mass. 

This mass is slowly pushed by a screw drive the length of the barrel, and forced out of the end of the barrel through a die as a molten sheet, the spacing of which determines the thickness of the sheet and in some cases the surface finish.  The continuous band of resin sheet passes through a set of cooling rolls, and cut or trimmed into its final size before it’s packaged and shipped.

  Benefits  of  Extrusion

  Close Tolerances.


  Economical Cost.


  Minimal Waste.


  Fast, Flexible Production.